KATHIAN PROPERTIES is a full service Real Estate Investment Brokerage. We provide our clients with unique acquisition and sales opportunities in both the commercial and residential market. Our investment experience allows us to avoid the common pitfalls in real estate. We focus on the trends and create long-lasting relationships to ensure continued success through evolving business strategies.

Direct Relationships = Direct Opportunities

Our direct relationships with financial and non-profit entities allows us to pursue the following:

  • Substantial ROI for our clients, who benefit from profit margins that are only achieved through direct discounts and strategic acquisitions
  • Revitalizing the American dream with home ownership for low to moderate income families.
  • Contributing to the stabilization of our recovering real estate market.
  • Large "Off-Market" Inventory allows our clients to acquire properties that meet their specific needs.

We specialize in:

  • Bank-owned homes
  • Distressed properties
  • Bulk purchases
  • Private owners
  • Commercial Investment Opportunities

KATHIAN PROPERTIES prides itself in transparent, honest and reliable ethics throughout our business transactions. Please be advised, that because of the type of relationships we have with the financial institutions, we will can ONLY work directly with the Investor or Buyer, or their Authorized documented representative.

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